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The goal of the mentoring programme is to obtain a suitable mentor from the Slovene Enterprise Fund for supported start-up enterprise, who offers assistance to the enterprise in individual meetings in the form of consulting, transfer of knowledge and experience, upgrading competencies, encouraging all the activities, required and performed by an enterprise, in order to succeed.

The active role of both, the mentor and entrepreneur, is very important at the implementation of mentoring. In this way, confidence and concrete results are achieved. Mentoring is carried out in those areas of the enterprise’s business that are defined by the enterprise together with the mentor: finance, marketing, human resources, strategic planning and management of the enterprise, KPIs (key performance indicators), networking, connecting with key partners and sources of finance, entry into new markets, etc.

The Slovene Enterprise Fund keeps an official register of start-up mentors, from which start-ups can select their mentor. The Fund also covers a certain quota of mentoring hours for enterprises, supported by the Fund’s financial products (P2, SK75, SI-SK).

List of mentors (archive)

The following is a list of mentors that actively mentor Slovenian start-up enterprises (list from

A manual for mentors for start-ups

A manual for mentors (.pdf)

A start-up mentor with help of advice, networking and guidance helps an entrepreneur or a business team to develop a stable and profitable business. His goal is to maximize the entrepreneur’s assets, but at the same time making sure, that the entrepreneur is threated holistically, and that the business success is not achieved at the expense of personal happiness or health. Learn more about how to be a good start-up mentor in a manual, which was prepared by Dr Rok Stritar and Dr Blaž Zupan for the Slovene Enterprise Fund.

Topics in the manual for mentors for start-ups:

  • What does a start-up mentor do – mentor of the entrepreneurial process
  • The levels of activity of a start-up mentor
  • The stages of development of a start-up enterprise in terms of mentoring
  • The roles of a mentor of the entrepreneurial process in the enterprise
  • Instructions on how to conduct the first mentoring contact
  • Guidance for the remaining mentoring meetings

The codex of the start-up community

In order to maximize the functioning of the start-up community and the mentoring process, has the Slovene Enterprise Fund, together with key ecosystem stakeholders, drafted a start-up community code. The purpose of this code is to provide the basic rules and guidelines for the creation of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem, whose elements are cooperating, interacting and supporting each other, while operating to the highest ethical and business standards.

A key excerpt from the code

The Slovenian start-up ecosystem includes all participants (natural and legal persons) that are interested in entrepreneurship, regardless of their background. Thus, we are all committed to creating a friendly, equitable, safe and cooperative environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, socioeconomic status or religion.

Forms of behaviour that community members value:

  • proactive and active community building (we are stronger together)
  • active participation in community activities – events, mentoring, etc.
  • networking and cooperation between all stakeholders and showing respect for all
  • constructive resolution of potential conflicts
  • highlighting best practices and warning of bad practices
  • promotion of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem abroad at every opportunity
  • honesty, correctness and concrete nature in proposals, comments, arguments
  • gratitude for the help provided by start-up community stakeholders and commitment to continued business and personal growth

Forms of behaviour that are prohibited and represent an immediate exclusion from the community:

  • degrading, discriminatory, violent or harassing behaviour and hate speech, both at personal communication at events as well as online
  • dissemination of confidential information or idle talk, infringement of the intellectual property rights of other members of the community, violation of the GDPR rules on information and handling of personal data and acquisitive promotion of own products or services in the community
  • exploiting the community or individual members solely for their own material benefit
  • use of illicit substances or alcohol abuse at community events as well as breaking laws in interacting with the community

The code also defines guidelines for public funding of start-up ecosystems. In order to ensure a long-term existence, development and maximum success of the Slovenian start-up community, it is crucial that we all have an economical, respectful and constructive attitude towards public co-financing.


Events for mentors

Every year, the Slovene Enterprise Fund organizes several trainings and events exclusively for start-up mentors and investors so that successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals develop their mentoring and coaching competencies. If you are interested in attending such events, become a start-up mentor. Impressions from past events for mentors:

Become a mentor

If you are a reputable entrepreneur or executive with extensive experience in start-up entrepreneurship, we invite you to become a mentor. Start-up mentors are provided with:

  • access to excellent start-ups,
  • training in the field of development of mentoring competences,
  • payment for the provision of mentoring services,
  • active participation in the start-up community,
  • participation in events, public debates, reportages, etc.

You can become an official mentor for start-up enterprises by applying to a public call published on the website of the Slovene Enterprise Fund. Candidates for start-up mentors can be experts who fall into one of five categories:

  • an entrepreneur,
  • a manager in start-ups and scale-ups,
  • a manager in large corporations,
  • an active investor or
  • a manager of entrepreneurial programmes.

Become a mentor

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