Jerneja Lončar

Good Tech Ventures
An experienced venture capital investor with extensive mentoring experience.

Jerneja is passionate about technology, innovation and sustainability. She has started Good Tech Ventures to invest in and accelerate mission driven startups that tech-solve important challenges.

Prior to this Jerneja worked with General Motors on restructuring, business growth and M&A in the US. She helped set up GM Ventures in 2010 and led its European efforts. She invested in sustainable materials, electric and autonomous vehicle tech, machine learning, market places, data analytics and digital security. She represented GM on startup boards in US and Germany.

Next, she started and ran an innovation & investment unit in Europe in 2013. In her Entrepreneur in Residence role she launched GM’s first carsharing service operation, GM’s first ridesharing project and negotiated carsharing cooperation with Zipcar in France.

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