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The Slovene Enterprise Fund implements a financial co-investment mechanism with private investors (business angels, venture capital funds, corporations and other investors). The financial mechanism creates an opportunity to double the private investment with public resources.

If a private investor invests from 100.000 EUR (minimum amount) to EUR 600,000 in an individual investment, the Slovene Enterprise Fund doubles that amount, with all investors entering the enterprise on equal terms. The minimum amount of 100.000 EUR can also be contributed by more investors.

Why choose the co-investment mechanism

  • risk reduction for each individual investment
  • higher investment for a faster growth of the enterprise
  • an opportunity for the recipient of the investment (enterprise) to participate in the substantive and mentoring programmes of the Fund
  • connecting the investor with other investors, mentors, etc.
  • already prepared investment documents (memorandum of association, etc.)
  • easy application to the tender and opening of applications at the end of each quarter

More about the co-investment mechanism

Co-financing of business angel networks

Mentors and investors represent an important element of the start-up ecosystem. In order to increase the activity of private investors in start-ups, the Slovene Enterprise Fund co-finances the operation of business angel networks (through a public tender).

The purpose of the public tender is to co-finance the activities of business angel network to stimulate the investment activity of private investors (so-called business angels) in start-ups and scale-ups in Slovenia. This can also be carried out as a public-private partnership (co-investment mechanism of the Fund), since business angels are a key element in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for the emergence and fast growth of innovative SMEs.

The purpose of the tender is also to allow the recipients of the Fund’s financial incentives (P2, SK75, co-investment) access to seed capital investor networks. The tender aims to promote the investing in innovative SMEs that is offered by business angels, to introduce the co-investment mechanism of the Fund to the widest possible range of business angels, to increase the investment of business angels and to introduce private investors the companies in the portfolio of the Fund.

Activities that are subject of co-financing:

  • promotion of the business angel network (production of online and physical materials, promotion in the media, at corporate events, implementation of PR activities, etc.)
  • acquisition of new members – business angels (conducting personal presentations in front of potential business angels, presentations at business events, etc.)
  • informing and educating business angels (organization of consultations, training events with foreign guests, mutual exchange of experiences, etc.)
  • training of employees in the business angel network
  • identifying interested innovative SMEs to attract an investment and preparing SMEs for presentation in front of business angels
  • networking with supportive environment organisations (incubators, technology parks, etc.)
  • organizing demo days to introduce innovative SMEs to business angels
  • coordinating the implementation of investments through the investment process
  • active cooperation with the Fund to promote and implement the co-investment mechanism

More about the public tender

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