Silicon Gardens

Silicon Gardens

Silicon Gardens Fund is a private venture capital fund consisting of young Slovenian and foreign entrepreneurs who actively cooperate with startup companies during the investment period. The focus of the Fund is to add value to the startup company through experience, consulting and business connections to early stage startups.

The Fund offers startup companies investments in the amount of €20.000 to €40.000 in exchange for a 5% to 15% equity stake. Some of the main investors in Silicon Gardens are well-known entrepreneurs: Andraž Tori (Zemanta), Gregor Rebolj (Sportradar AS, Klika), Jugoslav Petković (, Zvone Jagodic (, Damjan Merlak (Bitstamp), Lado Crnologar ( and Tilen Travnik (DLabs).


Its portfolio currently includes startups: Sqwiz, Povio, Flaviar,, Sphericam and Eurosender.

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