ALFI Private Equity Fund

ALFI Private Equity Fund

ALFI Private Equity Fund is an alternative investment fund focused on fast growing innovative and development SMEs operating primarily in the Slovenian and Croatian markets. In 2019, they successfully raised €46 million and will raise up to €70 million by the end of 2020. They usually invest around €2 million to 10 million in controlling stakes of companies, from different segments of the industry, which already have revenues between 5 million and 30 million.

Usually ALFI PE accelerates growth and internationalization, expands product range, enters a new strategy or a new sector, and manages buyouts with a long-term time horizon of 5 to 8 years.

ALFI PE is interested in the following industries: niche production, general services, health, commercial, financial technology, marine services, software and fast food restaurants.


ALFI PE has already invested in its first company, Trival Antene.

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