Enterprises which received a financial incentive (SK75, SI-SK) from the SEF

SK Growth Camp

an accelerator for SK recipients

The programme SK Growth Camp is intended for the recipients of the SK75 and SI-SK investments. With eight best-in-class experts meetings covers key areas that represent the core of fast growth in start-up enterprises.

These areas are:

  • DNA of the enterprise – mindset, team and processes,
  • Product – strategic development and positioning,
  • Sales – tactics and strategies,
  • Digital marketing – taking full advantage of paid and non-paid channels.

A more detailed presentation
of programme content

DNA of the enterprise– mindset, team and processes

  • Establishing and running a lean and agile data-driven organization
  • Finding, motivating and rewarding the core team
  • Tricks for successful team management and conflict resolution
  • Process organization, performance measurement, speed and efficiency

Product – strategic development and positioning

  • Competitive product positioning
  • Fine tuning product-market fit
  • Strategic development planning, product roadmap and pivoting
  • Planning and management of the product life cycle

Sales – tactics and strategies

  • Building a sales funnel in practice; b2b and b2c
  • Sales planning and monitoring tools
  • Automation of sales processes; lead generation and marketing automation

Digital marketing – taking full advantage of paid and non-paid routes

  • Knowing and planning the entire Customer Decision Journey
  • Tools, strategies and tactics for monitoring the user in various stages
  • Advanced tricks of advertising on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Google
  • Harnessing community power

5 key reasons to join the programme

  1. Results orientated – the goal of the practical programme is to put knowledge and tools into practice with the aim of improving business results and working methods.
  2. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Action Document is produced by each enterprise in the programme and is used to support decision-making and business operations.
  3. PeerPressure – every enterprise, participating in the programme, receives an entrepreneur, a so-called “sparring” partner that challenges it already in and after the programme and encourages it to pursue the goals set in the action plan.
  4. Over 15 experienced growth experts – throughout the programme, the participants meet more than 15 experienced entrepreneurs and growth experts that help them with key entrepreneurial challenges.
  5. Administrative & professional support. Every enterprise in the programme, receives an administrator from the ranks of programme providers who stands by enterprise through the programme as well as after the programme.