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connecting start-ups with investors

NextRound is a specialized programme aimed at connecting start-ups with private investors as well as providing assistance in obtaining additional private investments from domestic and foreign business angels, venture capital funds and other investors.

The programme covers:

  • major high-profile conference Next Round,
  • demo day with reputable Slovenian investors,
  • training to prepare a presentation
  • individual consulting on obtaining an investment.

International conference NextRound

The investment conference NextRound offers reputable foreign and domestic investors the opportunity to meet the best Slovenian start-ups that need a new round of capital for their growth and development, including the start-ups supported by the Slovene Enterprise Fund.

Next Round represents the next step for Slovenian start-ups, enabling them to secure an investment of one million or two million EUR at home, in Slovenia. The key component of the conference are mainly the 1:1 meetings with investors and the programme is also rich on stage. A catalogue of enterprises, that present themselves to the investors at the conference, is created as well.

The conference is attended by prominent domestic and foreign investors, such as:

  • Google,
  • South Central Ventures,
  • 3TS,
  • Fil Rouge Capital,
  • Orange,
  • Speedinvest,
  • CRANE,
  • Credo,
  • and other key investment groups from the region.

More about the conference

Demo day with reputable Slovenian investors

The programme and announcement of the conference begins with a demo day, where the most promising enterprises present themselves to reputable domestic investors. The demo day is held in a relaxed atmosphere and, in addition to being a great opportunity to attract investors, is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn the importance of good pitching.

Training to prepare a presentation

An efficient and sophisticated pitch can help entrepreneurs with sales, business interviews, finding investors and many other business situations. As investors represent the main audience at the demo day and at the investment conference, is the purpose of the training primarily to help entrepreneurs prepare professional and enthusiastic presentations. The training covers topics such as:

  • pitch basics and structure,
  • operation of VC funds and business angels,
  • practical assistance at preparation.

Individual consulting on obtaining an investment

The programme also covers individual consulting to enterprises on attracting investors at home or abroad, from helping to prepare a presentation, developing a strategy for attracting investors, helping to prepare a pool of potential investors to making the contact and more.