Enterprises which received a financial incentive (P2, SI-SK, SK75) from the SEF


connecting start-ups with corporations

The purpose of KorpoStart is to encourage the collaboration of corporations and innovative SMEs (SMEs, primary start-ups and scale-ups) with the aim of creating successful collaborative stories.

The enterprises in the programme are making a concrete development step – they cooperate substantively with the corporations, and at the same time investing in these start-ups, through the co-investment mechanism of the Slovene Enterprise Fund (SI-SK).

Corporate involvement with innovative enterprises, on the other hand, is like adopting a child (who to adopt, why to adopt, preparing the environment, working with an adoptee, growth…). At the same time it is full of prejudices and fears that we openly and systematically address and resolve with the programme.

The ultimate goal is to create more value together than young innovative enterprises can do on their own, for the benefit of corporations, young enterprises and the target market.

Promotional – educational conference

Important part of the program is annual promotional – educational conference on the topic of collaboration between startups and corportions.

Individual training for start-ups

The programme also includes one-to-one consulting to start-ups, as the situations and potentials of start-ups vary. With appropriate ambition and seriousness, they need individual help to properly mature for a strategic investment provided by the corporation. One-to-one training for a start-up to collaborate with corporations begins with an analysis of the status and plans of the start-up, followed by a package of hours of concrete individual assistance.

Examples of mentoring/implementation aids that we will implement depending on the actual status of the solution or a team:

  • finding a business model for working with corporations
  • formulating a concrete value proposition for corporations (win-win)
  • eliminating the assumptions/risks of business models for corporations
  • raising team value through complementing the primary and secondary team
  • contacting key corporation representatives
  • communicate/negotiate with corporate representatives