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Thousands of households in Europe are looking for occasional or regular help in house cleaning and household chores. There is no legal, transparent market of home cleaning service providers. One of the solutions is the black market, which is contentious and non-transparent, and the Beeping team detected an incredible business opportunity in this. In less than two years, they succeeded in building a recognizable brand Beeping with minimal investments. Today, more than 16,000 registered users in Slovenia and Croatia are quickly, simply and reliably accessing up to 100 professional cleaners, so-called “beepers”.


It helps users find misplaced keys and other items.

Armbeep Tenis

A biometric module that monitors the psychophysical state of tennis players.

Smart Turn System

An automatic turn signal switch on the motorcycle provides more safety.

Lushna glamping

Provides glamping solutions for eco-tourism providers.


A solution for monitoring and controlling a vehicle via smartphone.


A mobile homework gamification app for kids and parents.


A development company of virtual reality solutions.


An online platform for talent and recording location management.


A modular solution for monitoring attendance at events.

Total Assessment

A platform for efficient, cost effective and objective personnel selection.


A real estate appraisal and management solution and an insurance analytics solution.


A set of solutions for physical store digitalisation and analytics.

Melon & Lime

Smart and connected yoga mat.


Therapeutic cosmetics made from active oxygen compounds that have a healing effect on the body.


A solution for the visually impaired that enables them to feel shapes on the touch screen.


A system of headphones and pillows for detecting low tones outside the audio studio.


A system for collecting, transferring and processing energy and water consumption data.


A platform where builders connect and save on construction.


A cube that allows smart use and control of LEGO® Technic engines.

ETOS Solutions

Innovative solutions for autonomous management of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.


With Printee, you can order to print photos from a smartphone with just a few clicks.


An online platform for the promotion and booking of sports adventures.


An innovative wooden toy for children that combines a dandy horse, a scooter and a tricycle.

Borza terjatev

The first online peer-to-peer finance platform for businesses in Slovenia.


An online sports network that connects football players, agents, scouts and clubs.


An online platform that serves as a local base of sports and recreation providers.


System accessories that make any mobile device more useful.


An online shop of healthy food and a portal of healthy recipes.

Kobi App

Helps children with reading difficulties to improve their reading skills.


A prestigiously designed wristwatch that helps control the psychophysical state of the pilot.

3D Survey

An aerial data capture and processing system.

An online portal and gateway to purchase various local services.


A database of secondary school materials with procedures to help students learn.

Price Pilot

Helps service-providers book their available capacities.


A digital gardening assistant for the younger generation of gardeners.


An online platform that enables anglers to purchase fishing licenses.


Personalized natural cosmetics that everyone designs to their own taste.


Solving the problem of storing and recovering computer passwords and keys.


Liquid petroleum gas dosing system for direct injection engines.


Supervision of storage of medicines and vaccines.

Maestro Amadeus

Automatic digitization and recognition of music material.


100% biodegradable plant pots and nature-friendly solutions.


A pop-up escape room about a brand, product or service.


Develops innovative sensor solutions.

Sun Index

An innovative solution for measuring the proportion of sunlight for any location in the world.


Sensor system for automatic recording of jump parameters during ski jumper training.


Smart touch activated perfume bottle.


Simple, reliable and beautiful e-outboard motor.

Smartest HR

Effectively connects hotels and job seekers with smart technology.

Improve Running

A technologically advanced service that allows runners to improve their running technique in one minute without a trainer.

Re.aktiv Spine

An exercise programme designed for people with back pain.

Piano Harp Pedal

Mechanical device for attenuating aliquot tones for classical pianos and pianinos.


FPGA-based software and hardware programmable controller.


Online smart assistant for evaluating marketing campaigns.


Advanced digital path optimization solutions

Get ECOs

Eco-friendly disposal and recovery of plastic waste into innovative products.


Online text editor based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology.


Gives users the opportunity to make money by playing their favourite video games.

E-nabavni asistent

Reduces operating costs and saves time in purchasing.


Advanced online platform for programming learning.

Bone Custom Drums

Develops lightweight, composite, hybrid high quality drums.

Power Advertising

Combines a standalone mobile desktop charger and an advertising screen into one product.


The most advanced pet cage.

Grid Instruments

Energy distribution network topology identifier.


Natural dog food with an innovative flavour enhancer.


A turn-key business to business (B2B) platform for the immediate purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in cash.


Product for drying and disinfection of footwear and sports equipment.


Creates personalized products and accessories in the field of sports shooting.


2 in 1 inflatable sleeping cushion and neck pillow in one product.


Unique software tool for quantitative analysis of histological specimens that enables the user to identify cancerous tissues quickly and effectively.


Online back office solution for data protection authorities and businesses.

Hyper Drive

Revolutionary technology of contactless linear motors.

H2O Globe

A platform to connect divers and compare opinions and offers of locations.


Smart digital and interactive planning notebook for everyone who wants to save time.


Marketing platform for production and optimization of sales funnels.


UAV SkyEye Modular unmanned aerial system.

IN Composite

All-in-one diving system.


One of the first blockchain-based electronic signature solutions.


Online platform that connects individuals and entrepreneurs with selected attorneys.


An innovative massage device.


An innovative tool for overcoming stairs with a wheelchair.


An application and system for simple review of reservations, guest entries, tax and financial management of tourist accommodations.


An innovative holder for carrying laboratory vials.


An online solution that transforms a web site into a mobile application in just a few clicks.


Charging tables for wireless charging of mobile phones with solar energy.

Smart Cargo

SmartCargo tackles challenges and problems of logistics processes by digitizing and automating them with the ambition to make them smooth and frictionless.

Giro Car Share

Rent a car when you need it and share your own car to earn some money while you don’t need it.


Electronic equipment and software for controlling machinery and fleet vehicles for better control and optimization.


A new generation harpoon that responds to the ever-growing needs of underwater hunters.

Aiport Tech

Easy, fast and accurate measurement of cannabinoid content in dry and fresh cannabis

Pravi um - Tobiar

Tobiar relieves pain in the wrist, shoulders and neck and reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Cronus d.o.o. develops excellent print management software, which enables the optimization and automation of digital print products.


GetDataCare helps individuals and companies easily obtain the right to delete data based on the law.


AviRings develops a tracking technology for carrier pigeons that appeals to the users of this increasingly popular sport


The company GRIDTECH develops ElderOn, a flexible system that enables the optimization of processes in nursing homes.


The company Cognitive Solutions has developed a special method, called Neurobeans, which uses a mobile application and cognitive tools to strengthen the child's ability to maintain attention.


SonicMind brings a revolution to the music world with the fully digital control of analog sound effects for guitarists.


JustFoldMe has developed perforated cardboard sheets, which allow companies and individuals to quickly and easily make a cardboard box that perfectly adapts to the contents of the package.


LAB4PAY is an integrated point of purchase payment system.

IIoT Metrics Lite

DSI Expert is developing the IIoT solution Metrics Lite, which enables the digitalization of older industrial equipment and thus a higher efficiency of production processes in companies.

Scenty Box

M33 is developing a special device to help perfume buyers choose the right perfume and to provide manufacturers and retailers with important information about the buyers of their products.


DH Consulting is developing the MarginUp digital interface, which enables wholesalers to sell bundles of items needed to prepare a specific menu and helps caterers to optimize the purchase of items.


Opti.Space is an online platform that enables companies to rent or lease business space for shorter periods of time.


Culmium is developing the first system for direct measurement of the oxidative state of molten glass, enabling glass companies to reduce raw material and energy costs.


Geochem develops a plasma air purification system.

Scruby Brush

The company Kreativa group developed the toilet brush Scruby brush, which is located inside the toilet bowl and offers an innovative toilet bowl cleaning system.

Beep Institute

Beep Institute develops services for managers and HR professionals to train them to advance their staff potential.


The company INFI7 develops an advanced system for the control and management of e-bikes.


FTSL is developing InsurConfig, an intelligent interface for predicting corporate risks and configuring personalized insurance policies for SMEs.

Ball Back System

The Ball Back System - BBS is an innovative modern tennis platform consisting of a training aid and an application.


NYD is developing a platform that enables laboratory testing in the comfort of your home with results and a medical opinion that the user understands.


Amonito is an innovative guitar amplifier system that offers active electric guitar users a superior music experience with personal sound settings and extremely low weight.

Farma Sistemi

Farma sistemi with an innovative ventilation system for heat recovery bring poultry farmers energy savings of up to 60%.


Carpio, the Deltahub team's ergonomic device, solves the problems caused by excessive use of the computer mouse that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.


The GeoTrax system provides an innovative way to control and manage a company's assets, whether they are devices, tools, or people that need to be located in real-time.


Optiguest has developed the cloud kitchen service of the same name, which helps hoteliers to reduce the waste of food with the help of artificial intelligence.


LOTUS SAFE is a product line for protection against electromagnetic (EMF) frequency (RF) radiation from devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, base stations, ...


SenioritaJobs is the first online system for e-recruitment of pensioners that connects companies with senior job seekers in one place in a simple way. is an online platform that helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to ensure a constant influx of high-quality potential customers in a simple and efficient way.


The Protofutura company is developing an intelligent winding system for self-winding watches, which enables the user of the watch to achieve optimum winding and thus a longer lifespan.


RYZE is developing an intelligent digital guide for blind and visually impaired people to help them get safely from point A to point B. 

Fistula Protect

Fistula protect is a personalized shield that allows dialysis patients to spend their free time without worries, as it protects the fistula from damage.


SnemAI is developing an online platform to help companies order video content in an easy and standardized way and to provide work for experienced cameramen.


The company develops an innovative technological solution in the field of ticket sales for sports events.


The company SOLAR INTEGRATED d.o.o. develops a solar fence intended for building owners who cannot install a solar power plant on the roof due to restrictions.


UNIQLY offers not only individual, personalized nutritional supplements, but also a user-friendly recommendation system.

Mind Body Horsemanship

Mind Body Horsemanship is a method for eliminating behavioral problems and training of horses, which is also available as an online academy.


Motulii offers retailers (mainly car dealers) a tool to increase sales with its mobile lifting platform.


Orderly is a platform that enables companies to easily edit and review contract documents, reducing legal risks and supporting orderly growth of the business.

CUBB - Creative Unique Building Blocks

The CUBB platform enables fans of Lego masterpieces to turn their ideas and creations into a new business opportunity.

Nest Campers

Rental of low-cost modern caravans for adventures in European countries.

VITJA.SI offers innovative products to improve one's health and well-being.


An online solution for finding, comparing and purchasing insurance, TV/internet and mobile services, energy, banking and more.

Razturi na maturi

The online platform Razturi na maturi helps students master school topics and prepare for the final high school exam in Slovenia.


A decentralized platform for creating live content with no download costs and with its own content monetization model.