Enterprises which received a financial incentive (P2, SI-SK, SK75) from the SEF


local and international startup enterprise promotion

The project Start:up Slovenia – supports innovative entrepreneurship in Slovenia.

It is the liaison, coordinator and promoter of the stakeholder network of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem in Slovenia and abroad, ie start-ups, investors, supportive environments, entrepreneurial experts, as well as enthusiasts, both individuals and organizations, who are changing Slovenia for the better with their activities in the start-up ecosystem. Passionate, dedicated and focused, they inform, promote, inspire, connect, collaborate and change, thus paving the way for entrepreneurship in the fabric of Slovenian society.

Project “Start:up of the year”

The core part of the programme Start:up Slovenia is the project “Start:up of the year”. It aims to identify the best Slovenian innovative start-ups in the earliest development phase, professionally support and promote them to the general public.

Pre-selection procedure

At the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, in 2011 the Start: up Slovenia competition was combined with the P2 start-up incentive from the Slovene Enterprise Fund. In this way, by participating in the Start:up Slovenia pre-selection procedure the enterprises were able to obtain additional points for the tender. You can find more information on the pre-selection procedure here.

Special offer for enterprises in the portfolio of the Fund

Enterprises from the portfolio of the Slovene Enterprise Fund are enabled to:

  • participation in the pre-selection procedure,
  • support for entry into the start-up register,
  • the possibility of participating in the Start: up of the year competition
  • promotion of start-ups at home and abroad,
  • co-creation of the Slovenian start-up ecosystem.