Enterprises which received a financial incentive (P2, SI-SK, SK75) from the SEF

Konferenca PODIM

opportunity for participation, foreign mentors and exhibition space

Podim is one of the most influential start-up & tech events in Central and Eastern Europe, taking place in Slovenia. The conference connects innovation with business opportunities and capital as well as knowledge.

Over the years Podim has evolved into a key regional learning and networking platform in the most valuable and time-efficient way – by providing an experience that upgrades your personal career and business path.

By connecting and bringing together distinguished international investors, established corporations, and start-ups and scale-ups from Central and Eastern Europe, Podim is creating a real and useful value. To ensure the highest quality of learning and networking, the organizers have made a strategic decision – limiting the number of participants at the event to a maximum of 1000.

That is also why you can always speak to the prominent speakers at the Podim conference, address them and spend some quality time with investors, corporate representatives and other participants. Podim is a window into and out of the region to effective networking, creating business and sharing of experiences.

Podim is one of the top 30 tech & start-up events in Europe and is also a member of Start-up Sesame, the elite club of the best European tech events.

Special offer for enterprises in the Fund’s portfolio

Enterprises from the portfolio of the Slovene Enterprise Fund are enabled to:

  • participation at the conference,
  • participation in mentoring meetings with foreign speakers,
  • gaining access to investors,
  • presentation corner.