Enterprises which received a financial incentive (P2, SI-SK, SK75) from the SEF


a vertical accelerator for the hardware industry

HardwareSTART is a unique programme, designed for Slovenian start-ups engaged in hardware development.

The goal of the programme is to assist the so-called hardware start-ups in the product testing phase, prototype production, prototype enhancement and the kick-start of mass production. The programme covers:

  • international conference HardwareSTART,
  • vertical acceleration programme,
  • individual consulting for enterprises,
  • informal community meetings.

HardwareSTART International conference

Product development in the field of hardware is extremely specific, mainly due to the need for diverse knowledge and dependence on the stage, in which the enterprise is. There are several factors to consider to increase the chances of success in the development of a physical product.  From a good idea, a good analysis of the market and competition, to the production of a technically sophisticated product that needs to be thoroughly tested. All the mentioned requires first-hand knowledge and experience.

For that purpose, the HardwareSTART conference is organized every year, with the aim of gaining basic knowledge from international and domestic experts to build hardware enterprises.

Vertical acceleration programme

The Vertical accelerator programme covers key topics in the field of enterprise building in the hardware industry. Participants gain basic knowledge of the specifics of the industry, as well as other key knowledge related to their operations in the industry. Topics that are covered:

  • introduction to product development in the field of hardware,
  • prototyping, preparation of the minimum viable product (MVP) and production of the final product,
  • marketing and sales in the hardware industry,
  • finance and customer acquisition in the hardware industry.

Individual consulting for enterprises

As an upgrade to the vertical accelerator, HardwareSTART also includes individual consulting for enterprises. With help of individual consulting experts from the field of hardware assist start-ups in prototyping, product completion, as well as market entry, marketing and sales strategies, and other key areas in building a business in this industry.

Community meetups

The so-called meetup events are informal community meetings, aimed at connecting the community and forging new business partnerships. Community events are intended for:

  • start-ups operating in the field of hardware development,
  • corporations providing assistance to start-ups in the field of hardware development,
  • corporations seeking to partner with start-ups to achieve synergy,
  • investors, either in the form of successful entrepreneurs and business angels, or within state-owned institutions, that provide capital,
  • a supportive environment for enterprises, active in this field.